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U.S. Motors

Nidec, US Motors, Emerson Motors

Depend on U.S. MOTORS Brand Motors
to Keep Your Products Running

KG Power Systems is the leading distrubitor for US Motors. We offer unbeatable pricing and quck lead times on all U.S. Motors' motors and parts. 

Why choose U.S. Motors?
1. U.S. MOTORS® is one of the oldest and most respected brands in the motor industry.  Since 1908, their brand has stood for exceptional product reliability and performance.  

2. U.S. MOTORS® brand products are designed to serve a variety of industry and commercial applications including: Water treatment, Mining and metals, Power generation, Industrial equipment, Agriculture, Pool and spa, Residential and Commercial HVAC, Process cooling towers and Commercial refrigeration.

3. The U.S. MOTORS® brand encompasses a complete line of general and special purpose commercial and industrial motors from 1/30 horsepower through 4000 horsepower for a wide variety of applications.

4. U.S. Motors offers quick lead times with multiple locations across the united states. Our sales team at KG Power Systems will choose the closest location to ship from to save our customers time and money. 

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U.S. Motors
A Nidec Brand

U.S. Motors AC Motors 

U.S. Motor's AC motors are used in a variety of home appliance and industrial applications because of their cost-effectiveness, high efficiency and great durability.  Some of the applications that commonly use U.S. Motor's AC motors include washing machines and other home appliances, pumps, blowers, conveyors, compressors and almost any industrial equipment.

Nidec Motor Corporation supplies a dependable line of AC motors through its U.S. MOTORS® brand from 1/4 through 5,000 horsepower. U.S. Motor's Factories stock thousands of cost-effective AC motors for multiple industries that are used in products ranging from energy-efficient dishwashers to powerful rock crushers. U.S. motors are designed to stand up to demanding applications and harsh environments, and you can depend on them to keep your products running reliably no matter the circumstances.

US Motors General Purpose Motors

U.S. Motors Definite Purpose Motors

Whether you need to keep your production lines running or your pool water circulating, Nidec Motor Corporation is your source for U.S. MOTORS® brand definite purpose motors. 

U.S. Motors definite purpose motors are designed for specific operation, including special protection and features to ensure optimal operation in the most demanding of environments. They last longer in harmful environments under extreme loads thanks to their special design.

US Motors Definite Purpose Motors

U.S. Motos Fractional HP Motors

Nidec Motor Corporation can be counted on to deliver top-performing fractional HP motors, which have a continuous rating of less than one horsepower. Whether you need a fractional horsepower motor for a commercial, industrial or HVACR application, U.S. MOTORS® brand motor will suit to your needs. 

U.S. Motors Fractional HP Motor applications include: General industrial applications including blowers, compressors, fans, pumps and direct connected equipment, Hazardous location applications including blowers, compressors, conveyors, fans and pumps, Brakemotor applications including bulk material handling equipment, conveyor cranes and hoists and more. 

US Motors Fractional HP Motors

U.S. Motors Hazardous Location Motors

Nidec Motor Corporation’s U.S. MOTORS® brand hazardous location motors are designed for use on pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors and tools for hazardous location applications. These motors are built to contain explosions inside the motor casing and prevent ignition outside the motor by containing sparks, flashing and explosions.

U.S. Motors hazardous location motors are ideal for applications typically found in oil and gas, industrial paint and coating and grain processing operations.

U.S. Motors Hazardous Location Motors

U.S. Motors Close Coupled Pump Motors

U.S. Motors Close Coupled Pump Motors are for specific requirements of centrifugal pumps where the pump impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft.

U.S. Motors Closed Coupled Pump Motors are used in damp, dusty or dirty environments.

US Motors Close Coupled Pump Motors

U.S. Motors Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors

U.S. Motors Vertical Motors are used on turbines, mix flow and propeller pumps for the agriculture, turf, municipal and industrial markets.

The U.S. MOTORS® brand Vertical HOLLOSHAFT® motor has been a standard in the pump industry since 1922. Today, when it comes to vertical motor experience and quality, one brand stands alone – U.S. MOTORS®.

US Motors Vertical Hollow shaft Motors

U.S. Motors HVAC Motors

Extend the life of your HVAC equipment, while keeping energy costs at bay, with a U.S. MOTORS® brand HVAC motor from Nidec Motor Corporation. You can count on our HVAC motors to deliver the power you need to maintain indoor air comfort, reliably and efficiently.

Whether you are looking for a high-speed blower motor to drive an air conditioning system or a lower-speed option for heating and air circulation, you will find a reliable U.S. MOTORS brand HVACR motor engineered for optimal performance. 

US Motors HVAC Motors

U.S. Motors Variable Frequency Drive Motors

You can easily match a U.S. MOTORS® brand inverter duty motor with a Nidec Motor Corporation drive or panel, or purchase integrated motors and controls. These solution-driven products, designed to be used together as a system, make it easy to choose compatible variable speed motors and drives that are engineered to work together for better, more reliable performance.

US Motors Variable Speed Motors

Note: The U.S. Motors listed above are only a few that KG Power Systems offers.  Allow our electric motor sales team to help you choose the correct U.S. Motor for your application.  Call today 800-223-4898