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Yaskawa iQPump 1000 VFDs


Yaskawa iQPump1000 Family

The Yaskawa iQPump® is one of the most renowned pump and motor packages in the industry, in addition to their pump operator and service technician tailored design. Pump software is integrated specifically to provide a wide range of pump applications such as constant pressure, geothermal, flow, multi pump boost systems to wet well lift stations as well as many others. The iQpump has been designed to adjust pump operating conditions to meet system demand, while maintaining protection and performance. Yaskawa aims to ensure that your pump is operating at it's best efficiency point on the curve so that you're only producing what is required, in turn saving energy and decreasing the cost of life cycles. 

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Yaskawa iQPump1000 Features

Voltage / HP Range      1 - 175HP 200 - 240V 3-Phase
     1 - 500HP 380 - 480V 3-Phase
     2 - 250HP 500 - 600V 3-Phase 

Real Time Clock
     Standard (Mounted on Drive)

H-O-A Operator
     Standard (Mounted on Drive)

Transductor Power Supply
     24V @ 150mA

Analog Inputs
     Qty 3 - Programmable 0-10VDC or 4-20mA

Analog Outputs
     Qty 2 - Programmable 0-10VDC or 4-20mA

Digital Inputs      8 Programmable

Digital Outputs      Qty 1 - Form C Fault Relay (Non-Programmable)
     Qty 1 - Form C Programmable Relay
     Qty 2 - Form A Programmable Relay

Pulse Input      Standard

Expansion I/O Adapaters      2 Additional Programmable Analog Outputs
     2 Additional Programmable Digital Outputs

Standard Communications      RS-485/422

Communications Network Options      EtherNet/IP
     Modbus TCP/IP