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What is the typical order process?
Once you have placed your order, the vast majority of orders go through this process:

1. Order Acknowledgement (Our sales team submits orders Monday-Friday 8am-3pm EST. Any orders placed online outside of that time frame will be submitted the next business day).

2. Order Confirmation (A confirmation is sent via email that the order was received and placed)

3. Order Tracking Email (We email you the tracking number via UPS, FedEx, etc.)

4. Order Complete
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Can I place an order by phone?
We accept orders by phone Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm EST. Any orders placed after 3 pm EST will be processed the following business day.
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What happens if I made a mistake?
Once the order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email reviewing your order. If any information is incorrect, please contact us asap. Once the item has been shipped, we are unable to change the order.
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Can I send a purchase order by email?
We except orders via email. Our sales team may contact you for additional information if required. If additional information is required and we can not get in contact you, your order will be placed on hold until we can reach you.
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Why has my order been canceled?
There are many reasons why an order can be canceled. Here are the most common reasons:

1. The customer requests the order to be canceled. (Orders can not be canceled once shipped).

2. The sales department contacts the customer for additional information but the customer does not respond with in 24-48 hours.

3. The sales department determines fraudulent activity.
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Why am I being asked for a copy of my license and credit card?
Due to high levels of fraudulent activity, the sales department may ask for a copy of the customer's license and credit card. Typically under these circumstances we follow this policy:

1. The billing and shipping addresses are different.

2. The company that is listed on the order does not recognize the employee who is placing the order.

3. The credit card supplied has a different name then the person entering the order.

4. If any fraudulent activity is determined by KG Power Systems the order will be canceled.
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What if my billing address is different then my shipping address?
Proof of ID will be requested via email. This is to prevent any fraudulent activity.
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Payment, Pricing, Taxes

When do I get charged for my order?
We require a form of payment before our sales team can place the order. Credit cards are held on file and typically charged once the item has been shipped. If a wire fund transfer is required, we must receive the transfer before the item can be shipped. This policy is the same for paying with a check, we must receive the check before the item can be shipped. If an order is paid with credit card and the lead time is over 30 days, the credit card will be charged before the 30 days is up.
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What are the accepted payment methods?
We accept the following forms of payment:

1. Credit Card (MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Visa)

2. Wire Fund Transfer (Must be received before the item is shipped)

3 PayPal
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Do you provide credit terms?
We offer credit terms to most businesses with the following terms:

1. Your first order must be made by credit card or wire fund transfer.

2. Once requested, you will receive a credit application to fill out. The process to start credit terms may take up to 4 weeks.
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Do I get charged tax?
The following states are charged tax unless you can provide a tax exempt form:

1. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

2. We may charge tax on certain orders even if you are outside of the states mentioned above. This depends if the item is shipped directly from the manufacturer and their policies.
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Shipping & Delivery

Where do orders ship from?
Orders may come from our warehouse, unless there is a closer drop ship location from our suppliers. We will always look to ship as nearby as possible. Most of our vendors have multiple drop ship warehouse locations.
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When do I receive my order?
Orders usually ship within 24-48 hours and a confirmation email follows immediately there after. Leads times may be extended if items are custom ordered or out of stock. Once the item has been ordered, lead times are subject to change. Any changes to your order, you will be notified immediately by email or by phone.
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Can I expedite my order?
Upon ordering, you will have the option to expedite your order. After 2 pm EST. next day shipping options may not be available. Please call our customer service team for more information.
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Can I pick up items locally / will call?
In some cases yes, but it depends on the brand and in which warehouse the products will be picked up. Call for more information.
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Can it be shipped today?
It depends on the shipping location and the availability of the item. Most warehouses have a cutoff time of about 2‐4 PM in their
time zone. Unless expedited, some of our suppliers do not ship out items for 2-3 business days. Call us today to find out if your item can be shipped out today.
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Can I use my own shipping account?
Yes - In order to do so, please notice a section in the cart process, during the shipping portion that says
"Account Number". Be sure to select the appropriate shipping type first (i.e. FedEx, UPS, etc.)
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Can you ship outside the U.S. / Export?
We except orders outside of the US with the following terms:

1. Any order out side of the United States must be paid in full by wire fund transfer before your item can be shipped.

2. If we do not have the item in stock, many suppliers do not direct ship out side of the U.S. Due to this, the freight cost and lead time may increase.

3. Once the purchase has been finalized, we ask for you to set up the time and delivery date with a carrier for your pick up.
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Returns & Refunds

Returns for products must be made within 30 days of purchase. See below for the following terms:

1. The item must not have been used or taken out of its packaging.

2. Most returns have a restocking fee (example: 25% restocking fee)

3. The customer must pay for the item to be shipped back to the factory.

4. Once the item is shipped, it will be inspected. If determined non-returnable, the customer may have to pay for the item to be shipped back.

6. Excepted returns may take up to 30 days for the customer's credit to be issued back to them.
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If you believe your item falls under warranty please follow the terms below:

1. The item must be within the warranty time frame (Typically 1 year).

2. Paperwork will be issued via email to the customer with instructions on how to start the warranty process. The item must be shipped back to the supplier and tested. The shipping cost must be paid by the customer.

3. Once the item is tested by the supplier and is determined defective, the customer will be issued a refund. This process may take up to 30 days.

4. If the item is not determined defective by the supplier, it is up to the customer to pay shipping costs to have the item returned.
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