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Dixon Pumps

The Dixon Difference

For more than 30 years, DIXON PUMPS has manufactured the highest quality positive displacement transfer pumps in the industry. 

Dixon pumps have set the standard of quality in the positive displacement pump industry, combining years of research and development with our patented Tri-Lobe technology to produce the most durable and reliable pumps on the market today.

Dixon Pumps manufactures the highest quality transfer pumps, filtration systems, and tank cleaning systems in the world. Dixon Pumps builds the entire pump system, and ships a unit that is ready to go to work when it arrives at our customer's door, providing a complete solution for every transfer application. Dixon Pump's customer-centric engineering, coupled with state-of-the-art design, gives us the ability to outperform the competition on any scale by providing unparalleled ease of maintenance and reduced downtime. Every pump is designed and engineered specifically with performance, reliability, and longer life in mind.



Dixon pumps are used on a wide variety of petroleum products such as #2 Fuel Oil through #6 fuel oil (Bunker C), Gasoline, Ethanol or Methanol, Biodiesel, Kerosene, and Jet Fuel (JP-4, JP-5, JP-6), for applications such as Petroleum Refining, Blending and Transporting, Aviation and Automotive Fueling, Duplex Fuel Oil Systems for oil burners Waste Oil Collection, Truck mounted PTO and hydraulic-driven applications for tanker trucks, Wire line lube, Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units, well site transfer and gathering to terminals and pipeline services.


Dixon’s Blade Master® transfer pumps have been a reliable transfer solution for those in the agriculture community. Our pumps are in applications spanning everything from the small farm or ranch transferring fuels and oils, to large agronomy facilities using Blade Master® pumps to blend fertilizers, chemicals, and transfer both herbicides and pesticides. The Blade Master® line of products offers a set of quality, dependable equipment options with capabilities to suite any scale of operation.


Dixon Pumps offers a range of products to add value to the processing and production of a variety of chemicals. The Blade Master® line of products is designed to be an effective and reliable solution to your chemical transfer needs. Our pumps are used in applications ranging from transfer to mixing, and are compatible with a range of chemicals. Please see our compatibility chart for a listing of the chemicals that are compatible with our products.


The Industrial applications of our Blade Master® line of products vary across a range of products and industries. Besides the fuels, lubricants, and chemicals that our units are commonly used for, we have supplied units to customers pumping everything from ink to grease. The following products have been transferred by our pumps in various applications: Ink, Glycol, Ethanol, Methanol, Cleaners, Solvents, Fire-retardant, Antifreeze, Grease


Dixon Pumps has been manufacturing transfer pumps for use in marine applications for over 20 years.The Blade Master® line of products has been used in both commercial and military vessels all over the world for a variety of applications. The ease of maintenance and superior capabilities of the Blade Master® line makes Dixon Pumps a top choice in marine operations. Our units are used for the transfer of fuels, oils, lubricants, and fire suppressants, and are capable of operating in a range of conditions including different types of hazardous environments.


Dixon Pumps offers a range of solutions for difficult applications found in mining operations. The Blade Master® pumps are the practical, reliable choice for transferring fluids in aboveground and underground mining environment.

The Blade Master® line of transfer pumps is exceptionally well suited for the transfer of oils, fuels, tooling oils, and even grease. Our high flow rates, dependable design, and continuous duty cycle on many of our units, reduce equipment downtime and increase productivity in your operations whether your application is transferring from tank to tank, tank to tote, or anything in between.

The Blade Master® filtration and tank cleaning systems are also effective compliments to both above and underground operations. Both systems are designed to keep your oils, fuels, and lubricants contaminant free and in the best possible condition in the worst of environments.