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Building Efficiency Upgrade New York City

Building Efficiency Upgrade NYC Building Efficiency Upgrading NYC Building Efficiency Upgrade NYC

Building Efficiency Upgrade New York City

Contract Date: 9/21/2011

Completion Date: 4/15/2012

Location: Grand Central Terminal

Background: In conjunction with the New York Power Authority (NYPA), KG Power Systems was Contracted to upgrade the efficiency of Grand Central Terminal's HVAC System and Sewage System.

Scope of Project:

  • HVAC Upgrade
    • 33 Air Handlers
    • 19 Exhaust Fans
    • 4 Booster Pumps
    • Installed and Wired Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives
    • Updated and Calibrated Cooling System Flow Meters
    • Installed and Calibrated Steam Flow Sensors
  • Compressed Air System Upgrade and Installation
    • Supplied and Installed a 75 HP Variable Speed Air Compressor
    • Installed and Piped (4) 480 Gallon Compressed Air Receivers
    • Installed (1) High Efficiency Air Filter
    • Piped 2,500 Feet of Compressed Air Piping
    • Installed (8) Automatic Solenoid Valves for Romote Control
    • Replaced and Calibrated Pressure Regulators
Compressed Air System New York City Air Compressor Installation New York City Compressed Air System NYC