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U.S. Motors

US Motors Agriculture Motors
When it comes to ag motors for use in your farm applications, there is only one name you need to know. Our U.S. MOTORS® brand motors are built to meet your performance, efficiency and longevity needs.
US Motors Brake Motors
U.S. Motors break motors used for bulk material handling equipment, conveyor cranes and hoists
US Motors Close Coupled Pump Motors
More than 100 years of motor design experience ensures U.S. MOTORS® brand motors provide reliability and long life when used in typical applications within harsh process industries such as water/wastewater treatment, oil, gas and refining industries.
US Motors Elevator and Door Motors
U.S. Motors/Nidec’s standard line of three-phase submersible motors was designed and developed for use on elevators in low-rise buildings, usually one to five stories, using Allweiler®† pumps.
US Motors Fire Pump Motors
U.S. Motors fire pump motors are for fire pump applications per NFPA®† 20 where contaminants are minimal.
US Motors General Purpose Motors
U.S. MOTORS® brand general purpose, three phase motors are designed for general industrial equipment including fans, blowers, compressors, pumps, material handling and direct connected equipment. These motors exceed industry service and quality standards.
US Motors Hazardous Location Motors
U.S. MOTORS® hazardous location, three-phase motors are designed for industrial equipment including pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, conveyors in hazardous locations as identified by class and group. They meet industry expectations for service standards
US Motors HVAC Motors
Whether you need a motor for your new OEM design or an aftermarket replacement, the U.S. MOTORS® product line offers a full complement of ECM/BPM and induction products designed for single or three phase applications.
US Motors Pool and Spa Pump Motors
Reliable U.S. MOTORS® brand pool and spa motors make owning a pool or spa more fun with less worry. These hard-working motors help keep chemicals balanced, water clean and filter efficiency maximized. Compliant with state and federal regulations.
US Motors Variable Frequency Drive Motors
U.S. Motor's Drive motors applications include: Pumps, Compressors, Conveyors and material handling, Fans and Blowers, Agitators and other applications requiring precise speed control without a feedback device.
US Motors Vertical Holloshaft Motors
U.S. MOTORS® brand vertical motors, recognized for their longevity, reliability and ease of use, have been a standard in the pumping industry since 1922.  
US Motors Washdown Motors
U.S. MOTORS® brand washdown duty motors are designed for use in food processing and other applications where motors are routinely exposed to washdown, certain chemicals, moisture, and humidity.
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