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New York's Leading Air Compressor Sales & Service Centers Since 1949!
             KG Power Systems has been helping Long Island and New York businesses optimize their Compressed Air Systems since 1949.  We take pride in working one on one with each of our NY customers, to guide them in selecting the correct Air Compressor System for their application.

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Air Compressor Sales and Service Long Island & New York
Air Compressor NY & Long Island

What to Expect From K&G's Air Compressor Sales Team

Friendly Service:

As a family run business, K&G understands the importance of getting to know our customers.  We will spend the time to personally help you with engineering, installation, start-up, troubleshooting and repair.

Fast Lead Times:

We stock over 50 Air Compressors in our Long Island Air Compressor Repair Shop.  We will beat any online catalog's lead time in the New York Metro Area!

Knowledgeable Sales Team:

We know Air Compressors!  K&G's Air Compressor Sales Team has an average experience of 15 years and are factory trained by Ingersoll Rand.  Let us help you choose the correct Air Compressor for your application.
Honest Prices:

We are here to help your business grow
Extended Warranty Program: 

Ask one of K&G's Sales Associates about our Air Compressor Extended Warranty
24 HR Emergency Service K&G has invested in a large Air Compressor Repair Team to ensure our customers are up and running.  We have service technicians strategically located in the New York Metro Area, to ensure fast response. 

Purchasing a Reliable Air Compressor in NY

          An Air Compressor System can be a significant investment and this is why KG Power Systems follows a specific Compressed Air Purchase Process that carefully considers how you are applying the compressed air and why you are replacing/buying a new compressed air system component.

          Diligent analysis will avoid unnecessary and costly compressed air purchases! Dont rush your decision, we have a full rental fleet that will supply air while we diagnose why your Compressed Air System failed.

Before You Call, Know Your System's Needs

  • PSI?
  • Maximum/Minimum CFM?
  • Air Demand Schedule?
  • Clean air? ex. Pharmaceutical, Lab Air, Painting, Printing...
  • Dry Air? ex. Pharmaceutical, Lab Air, Painting...
  • Oil Free Air? ex. Food Processing, Bottling, Pharmaceutical, Lab Air....
  • Voltage?(Especially in the New York Metro Area)

Engineered Compressed Air Systems
Gardner Denver Compressors
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Air Compressor Sales Team Ready to Help

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Take our survey so we can help you choose an Air Compressor for your application!

Air-On-Demand Splash Lubricated Reciprocating Compressors
The Gardner Denver industrial strength solid cast iron compressor pumps are designed for rugged applications. Low operating speeds reduce the wear and extend the life of the compressor package.
Apex Rotary Compressors
The Apex Series keeps it simple to deliver the best performance without distractions. A simple construction gives you reliable, long-lasting performance in a system that's easy to operate.
Apex VS Rotary Compressors
The variable speed Apex VS Series™ from Gardner Denver offers a fully enclosed, low noise compressor package that delivers the performance and reliability you demand.
Electra-Saver G2 Rotary Compressors
Founded on slow-speed, 1800 rpm design principles the new Electra Saver II G2 40-50 hp compressors feature super-sized bearings and up to 40 percent larger airends than the competition.
Electra-Saver Rotary Compressors
Larger airends, running at slower speeds, maximize efficiency and increase reliability. There are more Electra Saver and Electra Saver II compressors running in North America than any other rotary screw compressor.
Electra-Screw Rotary Compressors
The Gardner Denver Electra-Screw 40 and 50hp fixed speed rotary screw compressors provide an economical solution to your compressor needs. Standard features include modulating capacity control and a microprocessor based AirSmart™ controller.
Compressed Air Dryers
During the act of compressing air, moisture naturally forms. Removing this moisture with an air dryer is vital to avoid costly equipment failure, product contamination and distribution system breakdown.
Hydrovane Fixed Speed Rotary Compressors
The hydrovane HR Series offers world class flexibility and reliability, and the smallest footprint of any rotary compressor in the industry. Slow speed direct drive operation, coupled with few moving parts means less components to fail.
Hydrovane Variable Speed Rotary Compressors
Slow speed direct drive operation, coupled with few moving parts means less components to fail and no power loss through belts or gears. Maintenance costs are reduced by the simple construction and grouped service components.
Integra Rotary Compressors
20–50hp, Up to 225 ACFM, 100–175 PSIG, Low Noise. The Integra Rotary Compressors have a integrated design that equals small footprint & serviceability
L Series Rotary Compressors
Gardner Denver's L-Series line of fixed speed compressors uniquely combine simplicity with cutting edge design. The result - a compressor that delivers outstanding performance with unprecedented serviceability.
LRS Rotary Compressors
The LRS Series variable speed compressors are product family within its comprehensive range of variable speed rotary screw air compressors.
Paradigm Splash Lubricated Reciprocating Compressors
Gardner Denver Paradigm Compressors provide the advantages of a reciprocating compressor coupled with less noise and vibration. Loaded with rugged features, these compressors deliver high performance and tremendous value.
PL-Series Pressure Lubricated Compressors
The PL-Series compressor has been designed to operate in extreme duty applications and is a pressure-lubricated alternative to the R-Series unit. The PL-Series can operate up to 250 psig in remote locations or in off-level operations.
Reward Series Reciprocating Compressors
Unique features make the Reward Series more competitive. From its heavy-duty design to its ease of maintenance, the Reward Series exemplifies reliability, durability and quality.
R-Series Reciprocating Compressors
R-Series Compressors are loaded with features designed for day-in, day-out performance. Loaded with rugged features, these  compressors deliver high performance and tremendous value.
Two-Stage Engine Driven Reciprocating Compressors
With an engine driven package there is no need to worry about electrical service. Engine driven air compressors were designed to provide compressed air in remote locations or for emergency production line needs.
Value Plus Splash Lubricated Electric or Gas Driven Compressors
The Value Plus Line of Air Compressors was engineered for industrial applications that require a gas or electric driven compressor. Each compressor was designed with top quality bearings, cast iron cylinders, and vibration free compressor pumps.
VS Rotary Compressors
Efficient at full load, part load and no load conditions, the VS Series™ features expertly designed airends and rotor profiles that offer industry leading turn down and performance.
VST Rotary Compressors
The VST Series™ two-stage variable speed compressors from Gardner Denver not only deliver the standard 8-12% energy savings over a single stage compressor, but will be the most efficient compressor you will ever purchase. 
Compressed Air Filters
Gardner Denver filters provide your compressed air system with premium quality filtration for most contaminant types including solid particles, condensed water and oil vapors.

KG Power Systems' Typical Air Compressor Purchase Process


Detailed discussion of the application of your compressed air needs. Are you using the air for air tools, manufacturing automation, dust collectors, paint spraying, product conveying…etc.

On-site Visit

Walk through your existing Air Compressor System or new factory; recording point of use pressure and flow requirements while noting problem areas, concerns, or inefficient system components.

Compressed Air System Energy and Reliability Survey

Using KG Power Systems' Intelli-Survey to monitor and record your compressed air system's power usage, pressure and flow over a typical operating cycle. The survey records per second kW usage vs. air pressure and flow into thousands of data points on an external memory drive. Once finished, we download the data and convert it into a user friendly report allowing us to determine exactly what is happening 24/7 with your compressed air system.


At this point we feel confident that we understand everything about your Compressed Air System and are ready to discuss the various options you have. Many times a customer doesn’t need a new Air Compressor but rather needs to upgrade their compressed air dryer, air filters, air piping, storage tank or system regulation.


Speak With One of KG's Air Compressor Engineers

Phone: 631-342-1171